Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Berbatov signs with United

United signed the Bulgaria striker from Tottenham from 30m pound on Monday after a transfer saga.

Dimitar Berbatov has said that he not join to United for more money, because They are the biggest club in the world.

"If I want to play for the money, I would accept the Manchester City offer or Chelsea," Berbatov said to MUTV

"The Red Shirt is really a big thing for me. I want to play for the biggest club in the world." he added

"I have handled pressure and expectation all through my life. I am not scared of it." Dimitar Berbatov

"I am 27 now and maybe this could be the last step in my career." said the Bulgaria striker

"I know I can develop here in the way I always wanted. I always believed, people used to say 'keep the faith'. I went to some difficult times and it was a long battle, but I always thought it was going to happen and it the end it did." added Berbatov

Berbatov desire to play at Anfield on next 13 September. He has said about this: "We live for the big games and I think this is the biggest. I can't wait to play."

Source: BBC Sports

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