Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Berbatov display thrills Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson hailed Berbatov after scoring two goals in the UCL win over Celtic.

"It was fantastic, a marvellous performance from Dimitar berbatov again," said Ferguson. "He's bringing that composure to the final third of the field.

Berbatov's developing is run not only Wayne Rooney, but also with Carlos Tevez.

"The other players are beginning to understand what type of player he is," added Alex Ferguson. He has got five goals for us already and that is a terrific contribution.

"I was really pleased with our performance. It was a really bad night for Celtic to get us and a good night for us."

Ferguson was also pleased with another goal from Rooney to continue his recent hot streak that has resulted in him scoring nine times in seven games for United and his country.

"He has got a natural energy and sometimes he uses it in a wrong way, expending it all over the pitch, but that is a part of his enjoyment."

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Source: BBC News.
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