Friday, November 21, 2008

Red's Interview with Gary Neville

Will you go into management when you stop playing?

I'm not sure. I'm doing my coaching badges now with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Giggsy. It's something that, when you do them, you do get a buzz about being out there on the training ground. But I'm not sure at this stage, I really want to concentrate on my playing career and whatever comes after that... who knows?

Who's the best - Maradona or Pele? and why?

Pele. Just for the way in which he looked after himself and the way he has been an ambassador to the game. He has led an almost faultless life in that sense, so for that reason I'd choose Pele.

Do you miss having you brother Phil at the club?

Sometimes... but I miss all the lads like Butty, Becks, Ben Thornley and Chris Casper. They were great years when we were coming through and seven or eight of us were playing together for so long. But you move on and new young players come through. We've got Anderson, Nani, Rafael and Rodrigo Possebon now coming through the ranks. It's important that the club always moves on. It's like a conveyor belt, some players fall off the end. Thankfully I'm still hanging on! But young players are so important to this club, they're the heartbeat of it.

In your United career, you've got seven goals in 552 games, averaging at 1 every 78,9 games. In the last four seasons you've played 78 matches without scoring. Are you due a goal?

Well, according to the statistics I am, yes! But unfortunately it doesn't work out like that. Sometimes I've scored two in a season and other times I've gone three or four years without scoring. I love scoring a goal, but most of all I love playing for United and whoever scoring doesn't really matter, as long as we win.

When you were out injured, did you ever worry that you wouldn't play again?

I don't think I ever thought, 'will I ever play again?' But there were moments when you wonder how many times you're going to have a setback. The first injury, the ankle problem which kept me out for six or seven months, never made me feel that way. I just knew it was something I had to get over. The most frustating thing was picking up the title niggles; calf, groin, thigh. I picked up three or four of those, which was the result of being our for so long. I remember thinking, 'how long is this going to go on for?' I've been pretty lucky in the last six months that I've not had more injuries than I would expect to have in any other season. I've been fit to play in nearly all the games. I might not have been selected to play in all the games, but I've been fit for 95 per cent of the matches we've had.

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