Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tevez shows his worth

Rumours around the future of Carlos Tevez refuse to go away, but he proved again last night what he brings to the team and how valuable a player he is for us.

The story with Tevez continually changes from it being pretty much certain he will stay, to pretty much certain he will go to now it looking likely that he will be offered a deal.

His work rate and contribution are second to none and he adds spark to the team whenever he plays. We know he can cut it in the Premiership so why would we not want to sign him and sign a player who will most likely be unproven in the premiership?

I personally hope we see Tevez in a Manchester United shirt next year as I would hate to see him playing for one of our rivals. He is definitely a player who could come back to haunt us.

Hopefully the whole saga will be over in the next few days and we can get on with the plans for the title celebrations!

Written by Danny Watson, a professional sports writer who blogs about football news.