Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is there life after Ronaldo?

The summer has only just started but already we have lost two of our biggest name players. Ronaldo has gone to Real Madird in an £80 million move while Tevez looks like signing for Manchester City.

Although I was a huge fan of Tevez and rated him highly his departure barely spoken about in comparison to the loss of Ronaldo , who although didn't quite manage to recreate the form of the season before , was still a massively influential player for us often making the difference by providing that little bit of magic. So is there life after Ronaldo?

Well........of course there will be but his departure surely signals the time for major changes to the squad. In my opinion Ronaldo can't just be replaced by one player unless we manage to sign a world class player of his quality but these are few and far between especially with Real Madrid signing up every top player in the world!

We have been linked with the likes of David Villa and Benzema both of whp have the potential to be fantastic players for us but with Villa preferring a move to Spain and Benzema stalling for one more year in France that makes these signings less than certain.

Wigans Valencia is constantly linked with us and I reckon he will most likely sign, but he is no replacement for Ronaldo which gets back to my earlier point that if we buy players of lower quality we need more of them to strengthen other positions. I am not saying Valencia is a bad player but he isn't AS good which is the point.

Whoever we see in a Man Utd shirt next year then I am sure we will still beup there competing for honours but hopefully we can sign a big name to ensure dominance yet again.

Written by Danny Watson, a professional sports writer who blogs about football news.