Thursday, June 18, 2009

United's fixtures 2009/10 revealed

Hello, my friends. Now, I'm gonna tell you the next matches of United in the Premier League 2009/10.

Ok, Let's started!
First game will be at Old Trafford on 15 August, against Birmingham. The two next games will be away against Burnley and Wigan on 18 and 22 August respectively. Then, a strong game against The Gunners at Old Trafford on 29 August. On 12 September, United travel to Spurs's Stadium. And then, the classic game will be coming against Manchester City on 19 September.

Now, it's turn to Premiership's run-in:
On 3 April United face Chelsea at Old Trafford. Then, two games on away against Blackburn and Manchester City on 10 and 17 April and then against Spurs on 24 April on away.

Finally, in May the two last games will be against Sunderland on 1st away and Stoke City on 9th at OT.
Oh, well.

I'm very anxious on start the next Premier league and I want these to come fast. We're gonna for the title defence and for surpase Liverpool in the titles's count. Go United Go!!

Written by Paul Grippo.

Thanks for reading!