Friday, July 24, 2009

Red's interview with Zoran Tosic

"I’m trying to do my best in every training session and every game. I hope I’ll get a chance. I’m not thinking about how many games I want to play – I just want to train hard and take my opportunities."

How have you enjoyed your time at Manchester United so far?
Well, I’m very happy to play for this club and I’m trying to do my best every day. I hope that in the next few games [during pre-season] I’ll get my chance and when I do I’ll try to play the best I can.

We’ve seen you play a lot in the Reserves. How has that been for you?
For me it’s important to play games. In the last six months I haven’t played for the first team so much. If I’m only training then that’s not good – you have to play. I’m happy to play a few games for the Reserves because it helps me keep in good condition and means I’m ready if I get a chance in the first team.

How does the game in England compare to that back in Serbia?
It’s a very different kind of football and I was very nervous during my first few matches here. You have to be strong and very well prepared for every game. Everything’s different but I’m used to it now. It’s normal for me. I think it’s the best league in the world, but also the hardest.

What have you had to do in order to adapt to playing in England?
I have to do more on the physical side. In a game you have so many challenges – you need to be very strong at all times. I’m working in the gym a lot and I’m improving so I hope I’m ready when the season starts. I’d like to play more.

Who’s been the biggest help since you arrived at the club?
Of course, Vida [Nemanja Vidic] has helped me the most. I know him from the national team. He’s told me a lot about the club, the way we like to play and what to do both on and off the pitch. He’s with me all the time and helping me a lot. But not only him – all the players have been very good to me.

What’s it been like on those occasions when you've played for the first team?
The day I made my debut was the most important day in my life because I played for the club that I loved since I first started playing football. There were 75,000 people there so it was a very good atmosphere. You can only enjoy that.

What’s it like travelling to the other side of the world and playing in Asia?
This is my first tour but I hope there’ll be more in the next few years. It’s very hot so the games are tough. We have to train very hard and it’s difficult in this weather. But I think it will help us for when we get back to England – it will help us prepare for the new season.

What are your aims for the upcoming campaign?
I’m trying to do my best in every training session and every game. I hope I’ll get a chance and I’ll try to make the most of that chance. I’m not thinking about how many games I want to play – I just want to train hard and take my opportunities.

From watching you in the Reserves we know you’re very quick and you have lots of tricks in your locker. What do you most enjoy about your game?
Playing for the first team is different to the Reserves. In the Reserves you have more space and you can play free football. In the first team it’s quicker and stronger – there’s not so much space to do tricks. Instead you have to play the ball quickly. I just want to do my best to do well for the team. Then after that, maybe I’ll try some tricks!

We've heard you can take a good free-kick. If you get a chance in the first team will you put your hand up to take them now Ronaldo’s gone?
Of course I will… if they let me! I’m practising every day on the training ground and I’m doing well.

What have you made of Michael Owen?
I’ve been watching Michael since I was a kid and I remember the goal he scored for England against Argentina 10 years ago. I’m very happy to be playing with him and the rest of the team. I’m happy for him because he scored on his debut and I hope that I’m going to score soon.


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