Friday, May 7, 2010

Preview: United v Stoke (9.5.10)

Hi, my United's followers, What's up? This Sunday is the final game for United. And Rio Ferdinand talked about it and said 'We are not finished yet' and I think the same thing; We could still win this premier league for a 4th consecutive year. Many of United fans already are doing online betting for United victory. 

We must first focus on beating Stoke and waiting for the miracle for Chelsea loss. Wigan has a great team and it will be a strong team to beat. 

Ferdinand also expressed "that we need to make sure we do our job because it would be catastrophic if we were to slip up then find out Wigan had done us a favour".

I feel we can take great pride in taking the title race to the final day after a campaign beset by injury problems, such as the goalkeeper, Owen Hargreaves, Wayne Rooney and loads of others; is a great testament to our character. 

We always go to the end of matches, that shows our heart and determination... We'll be going to the end of the season, too. 

So, What do you think about this final of the season for United? Have you say!

Writer: Pablo Grippo, a passionate United fan. 
Thanks for reading!