Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cantona could be the next United manager

Eric Cantona has said he would relish the chance to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson as the next Old Trafford chief.

Today, Cantona is the New York Cosmos's Coach, but he had said that he would like to return to Manchester United, as the sucesor of Sir. Alex Ferguson, when he decide to retire from the League leaders. 

Also, Eric has told that he would like Sir. Alex remained for United manager forever. 

Cantona think about AF as the following: "He's a winner, that's why he has won so many things. It's what is incredible with him, next game is like the first game of his career, and he gives you that - his passion, his love of the game, love of winning things."


My Final thoughts: So, as a huge fan of Manchester United, I would really see Eric Cantona as the next United manager. He's a legend and I think he could be a great coach at OT. 

What do you think? Would you like to see Eric Cantona as the next United manager? Have your say! 

As seen on: ESPN FC

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