Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello lads! I want to ask you about file-host for my videos. Now as you can see i am using only depositfiles; But it has a few lacks (for free users) - you need to enter captcha and delay between downloading files, but also it have some advantages - good download speed (in comparison with hotfile) and it's very good for me - no upload speed limit (i upload very fast, almost 1.5 mb/s via FTP) and also i can upload even 5 GB file without any problem (for Hotfile file this limit is 400mb). I know there is very good site Mediafire, but it has free space limit - only 50 GB (for free users of course) i guess i will use it space in a few weeks (cos these days highlights is pretty massive (~400mb).

So please answer a couple questions: 1. What file-host do you prefer for downloading my videos? 2. What do you think about depositfiles? (Is it good for you and what your downloading speed from this server?)